Irish Wolfhounds
I just love taking pictures of Irish Wolfhounds! I never tire of these glorious creatures.

Since I got my first digital camera I have been taking one with me to IW events and to visit other IWs, especially puppies. I organize most of my pix into chronological slideshows to remember the sights I saw and try to give the viewer a feeling for the experience, whether it was watching a show, a lure coursing event, or a litter of pups playing. Occasionally I have taken semi-official stacked pictures of pups, and display those such that I can compare the pups to each other.

A quick note about the puppy pix in this section of the website. They are not my puppies, and I am not helping to sell anyone else's puppies. I just like to take pictures of them!

Handsome Hound
There may be a few pictures of my hounds scattered throughout this collection, but most of these pix are of other people's hounds. Often I knew the hound or owner, but sometimes I was just recording an event or a dog I found particularly interesting. If you see a picture that has you or your hound in it and you would like a copy, you may download it. I ask only that you credit me as the photographer. Also note I may also have a larger version of the picture stored somewhere, so if you want to print the picture with actual photo quality you should contact me to see if I have a printable version of the image. For the most part I try to keep the pictures I post on the web on the small side.

I am going to upload some of my more recent pix first and then add older ones and new ones as I get time.

Event Pictures:

IWADV Specialty, 08-09 October 2006, Morgantown, Pennsylvania
- 6-9 Bitches
- 9-12 Bitches
- Day 2 (some class pix and BOB)

IWCA Specialty, 26-29 April 2006, Eureka, Missouri
- Wednesday (sweepstakes and candids)
- Thursday (some agility, conformation dogs and candids)
- Friday (lure coursing, conformation bitches and candids)
- Saturday (conformation bitches, BOB and candids)

Westminster Kennel Club, February 2006, New York City

IWCA Specialty, 2005, Eureka, Missouri
- Coursing

Westminster Kennel Club, February 2005, New York City

Casual and Puppy Pictures:

June 2006, Maryland (4 month old pups, their dad, and friends)
June 2006, DC (6 month old pup and 3 year old)
June 2006, Virginia (6 month old pups and assorted others)
May 2006, Pennsylvania (3 month old pups and assorted others)
March 2006, Virginia (3 month old pup candids and a series of "stacked" pix)
February 2006, Virginia (2 month old pups)
January 2006, Virginia (1 month old pups)
January, 2006, DC (3 month old pup and 2.5 year old)
December 2005, Virginia (newborn pups)
November 2005, Michigan (newborn pups and assorted others)
March 2005, Pennsylvania (litter of 2 month old pups, candids and stacked)
November 2003, DC (5 month old pup and 11 month old cousin)

Outtakes from attempts to stack 1 month old pups

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